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Finding Ashley Stewart

Finding Ashley Stewart

Finding Ashley Stewart 💕💕

Yesterday I had the honor of being the Social Media Pink Carpet Host at Ashley Stewart's Finding Ashley Philadelphia Stop! I was super excited for the opportunity! With everything going on in life, and such short notice for the opportunity , I didn't get to fully prepare for the experience. I didn't have my outfit fully prepared. Luckily my seamstress told me she would make me a dress a day before the event. My sister couldn't style my hair the day of because she was going out of town. So I just felt like "Damn I have...


Welcome guys!

I always wanted to start doing blogs about my life, business, struggles, fashion tips, and just an over all way to get my point of view across. So here it is! My direct messages are always filled with so many questions. Thus, some of those questions may be answered in some of these blog entries! I've always been complimented on my writing technique and I need some type of stress relief, so this is a perfect time to start. I also want you guys to get to know me more on a personal level, aside from my social...